Love. Is. Presence

‘Love’ is many a beautiful things. But no matter what ages and phases of our lives we are in, ‘love’ is being there for someone and making a difference in their lives in whatever ways they might need it at the time.

Love. Is. Presence…

… and this Valentines Day I am celebrating a woman who has made me feel loved and taken care of; a woman I absolutely adore!

She is a part of my ‘village’. She is my sister-friend; my BFF Sheetal! 🙂

Sheetal, your SuperMommy skills have rescued me when I have been (inadvertently) oblivious to my daughter Mishi’s school events (way too many times!) or had my hands full with her much younger sibling! You have taken upon Mishi as your own and included her in a host of fun things such as kids’ library events, after school activities, local town festivals and holiday festivities!

Sheetal with girls
Sheetal took the girls for a day trip to the beach. That’s Mishi on the right 🙂

Beyond stepping up when I have asked for help, you have stepped in anticipating my need for support! You call, you offer, we discuss practicalities, and sometimes you just swoop in to pick my kids up right from my home so that I can take care of whatever it is that needs my attention (for e.g. when I went to visit the venue for Night To Shine this past week)

Sheetal, you are one of the most efficient and organized women I know. Thank you for generously tackling the clutter overtaking my kitchen island, even straightening my paperwork on occasion 🙂 That was so sweet of you 🙂

Ours is an easy friendship. We can hang out together and still do our own thing, which is most of our trips, ha! Speaking of trips, you have brought warmth and sunshine into my life – literally! Thank you for inviting me to your girls’ trips to Mexico and Dominican, thereby introducing me to a fabulous and fun group of women who have welcomed me into the fold! 🙂 

PuntaCana 600*385
Punta Cana – 2018

Here are a few things I have learnt about you, Sheetal:

You are the most dedicated Hindi language teacher I know! 😉 I commend your love of learning and then giving back! lol 

You are hilarious fun to be around, finding humor in the most ridiculously painful situations like looking for lost car keys at the Apple Farms Wine Festival at 10 PM! lol 

You know how to let your hair down, your laughter is infectious, you compete hard at party games, and you so own those Sheetal dance moves! 😉

You are a master event planner and having you around means things get done and done right! Thank you for the wine festivals, Garbas, Holi & Kite festivals, trips away, and numerous socials! It’s fun to hang out with you 🙂

Traveling with you ensures no resort activities get missed, whether it is (super) early morning yoga on the beach, gladiator games in the pool, or exercise classes! 🙂 You are up for trying anything and everything!

Looking back, I’m so glad you stepped up for my CBDP audience workshop in 2012! We connected right after and you have been an integral part of CBDP ever since!

How I met my BFF 😉 That’s Sheetal in the pink T-shirt


Sheetal, thank you for all you have done to support CBDP and for being my go to expert (as an Occupational Therapist AND Bollywood dance enthusiast!) when creating programs for individuals with special needs.


It is a testament to your beautiful heart that you have adopted my family for your already packed Family Christmas celebration!

Not having family close by, this means the world to us! I’m grateful for the love that your entire family has showered upon us! This was our 3rd year and the ‘Parikh Christmas’ is a part of our Christmas tradition now! 🙂

Sheetal Christmas solo


I adore you, BFF! Thank you for your love and your constant presence in my life! So grateful to you and yours for making me and my family feel so loved!


Sheetal, here’s wishing you a very happy Valentines Day! ❤️


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