Just Because… (The Mini-series)

I say it often
and just because

Because I felt inspired
Because I felt compelled to
Or because they just needed to hear the words that day

Because when I am gone tomorrow, I would have missed my chance
Because if they are gone tomorrow, I will regret not telling them…

… just how much light, love, and laughter they bring into my life
How I see them sprinkling their pixie dust all across their world
And how many lives they are enriching as they journey on, just by being their unique selves

Sometimes they smile big and it touches their eyes
Sometimes their vulnerability is reflected back in their teary eyes
Sometimes they dismiss it, because compliments can be hard to own

I say it often
In casual conversations or intentional notes and letters
Just because they deserve to feel admired, appreciated, and loved

#CelebrateLife #Joy

**Coming soon: A 3 part mini-series “Just Because”, celebrating the everyday heroes in my life ❤️


2 thoughts on “Just Because… (The Mini-series)”

  1. I agree with every word you have written about Keerti and much more. I know her from college, she was the crazy girl who was excited about being called in by seniors. She used to be the first one to come running to the midnight shout outs. She would be there to hear you when you don’t have anyone and would be there for you whenever you need a Friend. It’s been a joy to know you, Keerti. Wishing you the best in life always.


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