Of Joy, Mummery, And Conversations With Strangers

Conversations can be soul food. Both the connected kinds with a long time confidant, and also with complete strangers. Tell me about your life, what you are passionate about, what your hopes and dreams are, and if I see you present to your own self then it is fascinating to hear all about what brings you joy!

When Mike spoke about his experience as a Philadelphia Mummer, he exuded joy!

We had struck up a conversation at the train station in NJ where he was trying to stream the Mummers Parade live on his phone. I introduced the family to him and as the kids eagerly awaited the train we all watched parts of the Parade on his phone together 🙂

Mike and I continued our conversation on the train and it turns out that Mike was part of a Mummers String Band for decades!

A self-described “Ol’ Timer” and now retired, he had been watching (on his phone) his former bandmates perform and was heading to the city to meet them. We talked about his choice of instrument and the story behind it. He shared how much fun it was to travel to Hong Kong and to Disney with the band. We also talked about the effort and time commitment that is required as the clubs prepare for the Mummers Parade throughout the year!

Mike shared some good tips and the most helpful one was about The Fancy Brigade Finale show happening at the PA Convention center that day – which was all new to me!

We decided to buy tickets for the Finale at the Convention center, then walked over to City Hall and watched parts of the Parade – both with the Mummers walking by and performing. We also visited a dear friend’s son at his workplace 🙂

A train ride into the city with an intention to see some/any part of the Mummers Parade was our starting point. Thanks to the inputs from friends and a joyous conversation with a stranger, the day turned out to be a memorable one!

The first day of the new year began ‘in action’ with checking off the Mummers experience from our Philly to-do list! We had talked ourselves out of it for years due to the cold/rain/creature comforts.

May we all have many more ordinary (and extraordinary) adventures in 2020! Here’s wishing you all pursue what brings your heart joy!❤️

#HappyNewYear #Joy #CelebrateLife #MakingMemories #ConversationsAreSoulFood #Mummers #Philadelphia

*Featured Image Photo Credit: Phl17 2020-durning-string-band-18

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