Swati Chaturvedi

Founder. Author. Dance Enthusiast

My mission is to inspire joy, empower individuals and bring people together via the vehicle of Indian dance. With a culturally-informed and inclusive approach, I help organizations create stronger communities and a culture of wellness.

Since 2009 my Bollywood dance inspired programs have touched 12,000 unique lives (and counting).

My Story

I was born and brought up primarily in India, along with 2 years each spent in Germany and Canada, before moving to USA in my early twenties. Having experienced cultural change many times over, and at times feeling like an outsider, I know firsthand the longing to be part of a community.

In all my work I strive for individuals to feel seen, valued and joyfully connect with those around them.

In 2009 I embarked upon a journey to use Bollywood dance for community outreach. As a dance enthusiast who is passionate about creating community, I collaborate with organizations across the Greater Philadelphia Region including schools, libraries, non-profits, charitable foundations, music & arts organizations, community groups, and more, to spread joy & light via Bollywood dance!
Being a certified Yoga teacher, I take a Holistic approach to all my program offerings. 

Community Bollywood Dance Project is a celebration of life, one dance at a time!

As a two-time author-contributor to the “88+… ” and “88 More Ways Music Can Change Your Life” books, I got to share some program experiences, including my work with ‘Royer Greaves School for the Blind’ during the Pandemic.

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