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Swedesboro Day Performance – September 2017

“I just wanted to write a little bit about our Bollywood presentation today! It was so amazing being able to bring this culture to our students in a fun way. The music was so lively and engaging, and the presenter was wonderful with getting everyone involved. She began with teaching simple dance moves and then going around the whole room getting the students and even adults involved. The scarves were a big hit as well, and the teachers could work on using language like up, down, slow, fast, etc. I saw so many smiles around the room and saw everyone at least trying to move. I am so glad I got to experience such a wonderful, cultural experience with my school.”

-Jensin Jose, Special Education Teacher

“The Bollywood assembly was fantastic! The kids were up and dancing – engaged and happy. Thank you so much for coming to The Timothy School again!”

-Christine Moran

The Timothy School

Bollywood Dance Assembly/ The Timothy School (for Children with Autism), PA/ Feb 2019

Here’s what the participants had to say about our workshop –

“Learning to be fluid and sensual again!”

“Dance like I don’t care”

“A perfect girls’ night. Loved every moment!”

“So much fun learning different routines. Especially enjoyed lights out and everybody let their hair down. Thank you!”

“I loved that we had a chance to express ourselves!”

“Combining my personal dance style with Bollywood. I would have never guessed!”

“Loved the drama of the movements and cutting loose!” – JW

“Loved the music and instructor – to much fun to shimmy! More please!”

“Very fun. You made us all in touch with our inner Bollywood dancers. Very low key and good the way you broke the dances the dances down to each movement.” – Wendy

“So much fun! Take the move, own it! Make it yours!”

“I loved being able to let loose & move!!”

“My favorite moment was when I closed my eyes & body moved. Loved it! Move please!”

“I loved the choreography! So fun! Freestyle w/ the lights out!”

“I love the teacher’s enthusiasm. This was such a fun evening. Please do it again!” – Elaine

“Thoroughly enjoyed! I just need to loosen up more.”

“Had a blast! Swati was wonderful. So colorful & happy! Thanks so much.” – Anne Marie

“Swati is a wonderful teacher. Made the dance look so easy. Never done it before. Thank you!” – Shila


Ladies’ Night Out/ Community Arts Center, PA/ Jan 2019