Night To Shine 2020 – Crossbridge CC

It was a beautiful Friday night Prom. Ant and I danced together – moving forward and backwards in sync, holding eye contact, smiling at each other. With his permission I took his crown from behind his seat and put it back on his head. I walked around him in a big circle, and then I twirled in place; my long yellow skirt flowing beautifully as I twirled. Ant kept up and spun around in place right next to me.

It was unlike any moment I have experienced on the dance floor because while I stayed grounded on my own two feet, Ant maneuvered his motorized wheelchair, and we both danced together…

It was one of the most profound moments I have had on the dance floor and I felt a mix of emotions. I also felt immense gratitude for my dancing feet and a healthy body that is so easy to take for granted. Then I reminded myself that this moment was about Ant, and this HUGE smile on his face! 🙂

Ant! 🙂 – Photo credit: Photo Team N2S 2020

For the third year in a row Team CBDP dressed up in our Bollywood finery to serve as prom volunteers for Crossbridge Community Church’s Night to Shine: a prom that reminds you to be in service of others and to shine your light bright so that those around you can sparkle!

When I tell you that my team and I are made to feel like Disney Princesses, I am not joking! The attention and heartfelt love we receive from all involved is beyond what we could have ever imagined!

On our part, my team and I do our best to serve our Guests in our highest capacity – to make them feel seen and to make them feel special on their Prom night!

As the team and I weaved through the dance floor we took turns dancing with our Prom Guests. When our wonderful DJ, Marc, played our Bollywood songs we did simple Bollywood moves that our Guests could follow, holding eye contact, waving our scarves, and encouraging them!

We sang along with our Guests on top of our lungs and we cheered them on when they showed off their own dance moves! 🙂

On the car ride home the team and I shared our favorite moments with each other, our hearts full, our bodies tired and yet energized! I am so grateful for this team for being such joyful participants in this beautiful night! A shout out to our team member Mittal Patel who couldn’t make it due to sickness and was really bummed about it! 😦

A chance to dress up, dance, and be in service along side members of your community?!
Yes, Nama-stay at this beautiful Prom Night (To Shine!) ❤️😌

From left to right: Jasbir Banga, Hetal Parekh-Olmedo, The Philly Phanatic! , Swati Chaturvedi, Sheetal Parikh

Thank you for Crossbridge Community Church, for making CBDP a part of this special night!

Photo credit: A huge shout out to this talented team of photographers for capturing precious memories for Night to Shine 2020, especially the cover photo, Ant, and the party scene images above 🙂

N2S Team2020

Here is a write up from Night to Shine 2018 and 2019 events:

Night To Shine 2019 – when we ALL shined our brightest!
Night To Shine – A Prom that is changing lives!


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