The Anna To My Elsa – Priya Chaturvedi

Long before “Do you want to build a snowman?” came along, she was constantly showing up as a doe-eyed toddler asking if I wanted to play with her huge collection of dolls. Much like Anna, she quickly figured out that I had zero interest in said activity, and yet it never stopped her from asking again. And again 🙂


We’ve been watching over each other since then and she has rescued me many times in the way only a soul sister can during times of turmoil!

Then and now ❤️

She has been a gentle and loving presence who has listened to my endless ramblings over all things trivial and major. She has also fiercely protected me as my big sister, even though she is 5 years younger than me 🙂

I watched Frozen 2 today and there were parts where I felt an overwhelming sense of love, strength, and gratitude for my Anna!

In May 2017 my Anna walked into the hospital after a few days of debilitating headaches and was admitted immediately! The doctor was shocked that she was functioning at all because another day gone by could have proved fatal.

She was diagnosed with Meningitis.

The treatment plan and the road to a full recovery – mentally and physically – was estimated at 2 years long. With a lot of restrictions put on her diet, work, and activity levels, it felt like her life was being put on hold! Career goals, personal dreams, all would have to wait.

The first few weeks and months were the hardest. There were days where she couldn’t eat or sleep. There were days when she was an emotional wreck; feeling helpless and fearful. Over time she dealt with major light sensitivity, occasional tremors in her hands,  claustrophobia, death anxiety and nightmares!

With family by her side, she persevered and one fine day this 30-something had a moment of clarity… a deep sense of gratitude for the renewed gift of her life!

Given the unsettling changes in her life that I have been witness to, I celebrate her for how she has kept her spirit strong and her sense of humor intact, and learnt to take her life one day at a time, with gratitude.

While her story is still unfolding, I’m happy to share that she has found her Kristoff, whom we all adore!❤️  (No Sven yet!)

If you feel inspired to leave Priya a note, tell her something uplifting… Just Because – Or send a loving note to The-Anna-To-Your-Elsa 🙂

2 thoughts on “The Anna To My Elsa – Priya Chaturvedi

  1. Priya has been my inspiration in a lot of ways. Her positive outlook, calm and composed attitude, and yet a suppa strong heart are a few things that comes to my mind when I think of her. She has been my pillar of strength in a lot of situations and I totally love her for being who she is…
    Rightly names Priya just because she is a beautiful soul inside and outside.


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