A Life Well Lived

My mission is to Celebrate Life! To me, this means honoring all of life’s moments.

I’m mindful of this now, but that hasn’t always been the case.

I used to consider myself an optimist. But in reality, my thoughts used to linger on ‘what is not’ vs. ‘what is’; and whenever I would put the lens to my own life, it would often reflect back a glass half empty person. 



Ever since I came to understand this misalignment between my aspiration and my reality, I’ve worked consistently to focus on ‘what is’. Old habits do die hard, but eventually I was able to break my old self-critical patterns of thought and shift my default to counting my wins.  

Over the last few years I have discovered greater joy in my life for all the things I already had in my life!

My attitude towards my own past experiences and achievements has shifted and I find that my own life’s story is so much more interesting for me to look back upon now!

So, today I commit to expanding my practice of gratitude to celebrate all of my life’s moments, for both the past and the present.

I am so grateful for this beautiful life I have lived so far; full of love, playfulness, peace, health, travel, adventures, dance, and yes, a fair share of pain too.


Not one for new year resolutions, I would rather strive for new beginnings whenever inspiration strikes.

Here’s to more joy for what we already have in our lives!

#Joy #CelebrateLife


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