Celebrating Alison, And The Power Of Words!

Have you ever told someone you will follow up on their request for a review/feedback, and while you have LOVED their work/service, and have every intention of getting back to them, you just haven’t gotten around to it?!

I call these my ‘well-intentioned-but-oops lapses’ and I am guilty of quite a few! 


The Gap store employee who was extremely helpful, the car dealer who provided excellent rates & service, the feedback I promised one of my coaches, and many more… lapses! I am really good at providing in-person feedback. However, in matters of a quality follow up that required extra effort, time, and thought – I have occasionally fallen short of my own expectations and in some cases, stated intentions 😦

I did add a Google review for my car dealership months later (along with an apology), and I have tried to downplay the rest as no-big-deal in my mind, but I have realized something…

Like most people, I too am well-intentioned about supporting and uplifting others! Sometimes we get to be heroes and do something BIG and life-changing for others.

And then there are everyday moments where we may have genuinely appreciated someone’s hard work & the results they delivered, and by putting in our care and our time, and using our thoughtful words we have the opportunity to support & uplift them in BIG ways!


… and this is why I am celebrating Alison King, Children’s Librarian at the Penn Wynne Library, PA!

We spoke after the workshop to briefly review the Bollywood workshop I had just conducted. I also sought her counsel regarding a few questions and she was forthcoming with useful pointers and helpful suggestions!

In conversation Alison casually mentioned another artist she had shared her insights with. I told her how impressed I was with her passion for helping artists like myself and she nonchalantly stated how important it is to her to support others.

Every time I meet someone who is so committed to helping others, I try to stop and celebrate them, and it also serves as a reminder to hold myself to higher standards!

See below for Alison’s review of our CBDP Bollywood Workshop…

…and notice the care and attention she has given to curating the moments that stood out for her! 

“Swati was absolutely amazing, and this was one of the most well-received programs my library has ever hosted! Booking her was a breeze, and her pricing is so reasonable considering she offers something so completely different than we have ever seen here at the library. She was great with tailoring the program to my library’s patrons, space, and budget. Swati started the group off with a dance warmup, and within minutes, she has everyone in the room dancing–adults included! The dance routine she taught was easy for everyone to pick up, regardless of age or ability, and she made everyone feel successful in learning Bollywood moves. The whole time was filled with smiles, laughter, and joy. Swati managed to help a very shy participant feel more comfortable by using her as a “helper,” and she is just wonderful at interacting with kids, even when a couple had meltdowns. Swati brought lots of clothing and cultural objects to share with the group, and it was special since it all belonged to her or family members, so she could tell a story about each item. We finished with henna, which was a huge hit for kids but ESPECIALLY for the parents! Swati was so patient and friendly with each participant as she created a work of art on their hand. She was very gracious with her time and talent and made sure that everyone (including a couple people who didn’t attend the program but were peeking in the program room) could leave with henna that day. Every single parent in attendance came up to tell me that they LOVED this program and think she should invite Swati back again–which, of course, I plan to do! I wholeheartedly and enthusiastically recommend Swati’s program to libraries or any school/community organization that wants to provide a fun, engaging, educational, and unforgettable experience!”

Alison King, Children’s Librarian
Penn Wynne Library, Wynnewood PA (Dec 9 – 2017)

Thank you for your gracious review Alison! It has been a pleasure to dance with you and your patrons! 🙂


At Penn Wynne Library, PA (Dec 9′ 17)

Here is a picture of Alison & I taken right after our post-workshop conversation. I was in awe of Alison’s spirit and a little nervous in her presence in that moment 🙂 What a beautiful woman! 🙂

Thank you for inspiring me – may I bring this light to others! ❤️


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