A Love Letter

Sometimes, when I am so fully present to him, it’s like there are a million little moments within each moment…

…for how else can I explain having noticed his laughter as he cracked himself up, his dimpled cheeks, his eyes lighting up, his words to me, the smile widening on my face, and my own heart filling up to the brim with love…all in ONE brief moment?!


“Hold your horses, Mommy!”, said my 3 yr old in response to my request for him to ‘hold still’ while I dressed him. He giggled and looked into my eyes and we both broke into fits of laughter even as I now struggled with putting clothes on him, because by now he was fiercely hugging me while I sat on the floor, which made getting clothes on his body next to impossible!



And just when I began to show signs of annoyance, he held my face in his hands and kissed my cheeks. And we both surrendered to more laughter! 🙂

In that moment I was in awe of how much love a single moment could hold…




Generally speaking, I can be utterly inefficient around him when it comes to my ‘task list’. He is my speed bump, and my scenic route. He is my reminder to slow down and be in the ‘now’



He is my morning cup of joy — literally! For all of his 3 years now we have kept up with our ritual of morning cuddles and play time before starting our day, be it 15 mins or 50!

As I try to find a peaceful few minutes to collect my thoughts right now to write these lines, he sits next to me refusing to leave me alone, and continues to throw hugs and kisses my way to distract me! A few minutes later he insists I watch every move his matchbox car is making — and it has flown off the table at least 20 times already and he has insisted, “Mommy, watch!” every time!

His love is fierce, and he is persistent. And he is mine. Thank you little man… for this beautiful love of ours…

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