Bollywood Dance Assembly/ Radnor Memorial Library, Wayne PA/ Nov 2018

Swati’s Bollywood dance assembly was a combination of dancing and learning about Indian culture. We loved all the visuals. The Bollywood dance attracted people of all ages. I love the communal aspect of this program. It created an open and welcoming environment and I saw us building bonds between essentially strangers! Just seeing all the kids up there, a smattering of different ages, they were all laughing and having fun. The parents were also having fun dancing with their kids. I just felt the aura of joy within the room the whole time! The program is so uplifting and it invites people to come out of their shell. It invites people to express themselves physically, rather than being spoken to i.e. presented to. I think libraries are the best place for building a sense of community – we all look different, come from different cultures, but we are all having fun together and learning together, and this program helped us do just that!

Carrie Sturgill, Head of Youth Services

Radnor Memorial Library Nov 2018