“K really liked coming to class and asked about it all week. I was excited to see her doing the moves! The support she received was amazing, which made it a positive experience for her. Thank you!!!
You all were amazing. We hope to see you again!” – Margie (K’s Mom)

“This is a great program. Thanks so much Swati & team!! I hope you guys continue this!” -Uday (V’s Dad)

Special Needs Mar 2019

#SpecialNeeds – Bollywood Dance Classes/Mar 2019

“I just wanted to write a little bit about our Bollywood presentation today! It was so amazing being able to bring this culture to our students in a fun way. The music was so lively and engaging, and the presenter was wonderful with getting everyone involved. She began with teaching simple dance moves and then going around the whole room getting the students and even adults involved. The scarves were a big hit as well, and the teachers could work on using language like up, down, slow, fast, etc. I saw so many smiles around the room and saw everyone at least trying to move. I am so glad I got to experience such a wonderful, cultural experience with my school.”

-Jensin Jose, Special Education Teacher

“The Bollywood assembly was fantastic! The kids were up and dancing – engaged and happy. Thank you so much for coming to The Timothy School again!”

-Christine Moran

The Timothy School

Bollywood Dance Assembly/ The Timothy School (for Children with Autism), PA/ Feb 2019

Here’s what the participants had to say about our workshop –

“Learning to be fluid and sensual again!”

“Dance like I don’t care”

“A perfect girls’ night. Loved every moment!”

“So much fun learning different routines. Especially enjoyed lights out and everybody let their hair down. Thank you!”

“I loved that we had a chance to express ourselves!”

“Combining my personal dance style with Bollywood. I would have never guessed!”

“Loved the drama of the movements and cutting loose!” – JW

“Loved the music and instructor – to much fun to shimmy! More please!”

“Very fun. You made us all in touch with our inner Bollywood dancers. Very low key and good the way you broke the dances the dances down to each movement.” – Wendy

“So much fun! Take the move, own it! Make it yours!”

“I loved being able to let loose & move!!”

“My favorite moment was when I closed my eyes & body moved. Loved it! Move please!”

“I loved the choreography! So fun! Freestyle w/ the lights out!”

“I love the teacher’s enthusiasm. This was such a fun evening. Please do it again!” – Elaine

“Thoroughly enjoyed! I just need to loosen up more.”

“Had a blast! Swati was wonderful. So colorful & happy! Thanks so much.” – Anne Marie

“Swati is a wonderful teacher. Made the dance look so easy. Never done it before. Thank you!” – Shila


Ladies’ Night Out/ Community Arts Center, PA/ Jan 2019

“My child had a wonderful experience with Mrs. C. London was so excited to learn Bollywood dancing and culture. She was so engaged and enthused every week – learning something new!”

(Maneia Singleton, The parents of London M)


10 Week Bollywood Dance Residency/ Joseph Elementary School/ Dec 2018

Swati’s Bollywood dance assembly was a combination of dancing and learning about Indian culture. We loved all the visuals. The Bollywood dance attracted people of all ages. I love the communal aspect of this program. It created an open and welcoming environment and I saw us building bonds between essentially strangers! Just seeing all the kids up there, a smattering of different ages, they were all laughing and having fun. The parents were also having fun dancing with their kids. I just felt the aura of joy within the room the whole time! The program is so uplifting and it invites people to come out of their shell. It invites people to express themselves physically, rather than being spoken to i.e. presented to. I think libraries are the best place for building a sense of community – we all look different, come from different cultures, but we are all having fun together and learning together, and this program helped us do just that!

Carrie Sturgill, Head of Youth Services

Radnor Memorial Library Nov 2018

Bollywood Dance Assembly/ Radnor Memorial Library, Wayne PA/ Nov 2018

“The program was a pleasure to host at The Wilmington Public Library! I appreciated the intermittent discussions on cultural holidays, different terms, and dance styles. Of course, hearing a discussion on learning about different cultures and embracing new activities together was inspiring too! ”

Iliana (Library Specialist)

“I really loved the Bollywood dancing session. It was very informative, but was also fun and expressive. I’d like to attend more sessions and incorporate it into my life!”

Priscilla (Guest)
Wilmington Public Library


Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you for creating such a unique, fun, & loving environment for the parents of our guests at Night To Shine. You & your team went above & beyond when it came to helping us as a church accomplish our mission of loving people 🙂 Thank you for what you do to bring life & smile to those around you!
God Bless.”

Jimmy Donaruma, Lead Pastor at Crossbridge Community Church

To read more about this event, click on the blog post linked below: https://wordpress.com/post/communitybollywooddanceproject.com/805

Night To Shine 2018
A gift from Jimmy & his team: A framed moment from Night To Shine 2018 ❤️


“Swati was amazing! Very easy dancing instructions. Everyone was dancing, including the teachers. We have a few kids that never participate because they are shy but absolutely everyone danced!” – Jarida Encarnacion

#TeachersGotMoves !
“Loved it! It was inclusive for all and was fun! Come again!” – DG

“I love everything about these dancing activities! Please come again!” – NB

“Ms. C’s Bollywood class is amazing! I love introducing new experiences to the children and this was really interactive. I think having more lessons and directed instructions will help. Overall, I think it was fun! Music was nice!”

“I enjoyed it for adults! Would love to do it with our coworkers” – EM


“Ms. C, thank you so much! The teens/tweens had an amazing time getting Henna. For many of them this was their first time and they were beyond excited!!! The Bollywood dance family program was also amazing. I love how it brings the whole family together!!!
Thank you!”

Amy Moscia, Assistant Youth Services Librarian


“Thanks, Ms. C! Bollywood dance was an amazing experience! I loved learning about the culture and the dance moves! 🙂 You were able to connect with even our most reluctant teens, got them up, dancing with a smile! I look forward to your program again in the future!!!”

Rachel Hart, Reference Librarian

Easttown Library PA July 2018


“Swati and Community Bollywood Dance Project are wonderful! From a hesitant group of teens and preteens at the beginning of the workshop, Swati shared her own experiences, introduced the group to India, and taught the group 3 different Bollywood routines pulling all of the group members out of their shells. She got them smiling and feeling the groove by the end of the dancing, encouraging them to travel and try out new experiences. The henna provided was an extra beautiful way to end the evening, providing the group with a lovely souvenir. I highly recommend welcoming Swati to your own library or school!”

Vanessa Nelson, Youth Services Associate

Huntington Valley Library PA